Winter 2011 Edition

Professor: Lisa Tauxe, x46084;, 300C Ritter Hall,

Schedule of classes:

What to bring, wear:

What to expect:

We will be walking up to 6 miles and talking about how the landscape of San Diego came to be: why there are cliffs, why some beaches are sandy and others rocky, why Mt. Soledad is there, why there are mesas and canyons inland and why there are mountains between us and the desert.

Recommended background reading:

The Rise and Fall of San Diego: 150 Million years of history recorded in sedimentary rocks, by Patrick L. Abbott. Available in the bookstore and on reserve in the library.

Meet at Scripps Pier (star on map below) ready to go by class time:

You can get there two ways:

  1. you can take the southbound #30 bus (see bus schedule/maps). Be there 5 minutes early, because sometimes it leaves early! Get out at Naga Way and come down to the pier,
  2. you can walk (see map):